U.S. COPD Coalition

U.S. COPD Coalition

The COPD Foundation is pleased to be partnering with the U.S. COPD Coalition to hold COPD7USA in conjunction with the Second National COPD Conference, which convenes on December 2nd and 3rd, 2011.

The Second National COPD Conference is bringing together individuals with COPD, healthcare professionals, government agencies, and advocacy organizations to collectively look back, assess where we are now, and plan a path forward.

Conference Background

The First National COPD Conference, held in 2003, spurred nearly a decade of progress in COPD awareness, diagnosis and treatment, research, and education efforts. Despite the meaningful progress that has been made, significant needs still remain in the COPD community. There are millions of symptomatic Americans that are undiagnosed, misconceptions about the cause and symptoms of COPD continue to exist and, most importantly, there is still no cure.

The U.S. COPD Coalition will reconvene members of the community to review the milestones that have been achieved, identify gaps that remain, and articulate a vision for the next decade of progress.

Upcoming Conference Information

Attendees will have a chance to be active participants in this conference because it takes every community member’s unique perspective to make sure comprehensive issues associated with COPD are properly addressed. In addition to large group sessions, participants can attend hands-on workshops, round table discussions and an evening reception honoring one of the great respiratory pioneers, Dr. Thomas L. Petty.

Registration is free for most* but space is limited. Reserve your seat now and help fight COPD in the backyard of our Nation’s Capitol!

For more information on the Second National Conference, the U.S. COPD Coalition and the Congressional COPD Caucus, visit the U.S. COPD Coalition’s website.

*Registration for the Second National COPD Conference is free for health care providers, individuals with COPD and family members, and public health and government professionals.