Session Recap

COPD7USA Session Recap

Welcome to the conference proceedings website. Last December the COPD Foundation and the U.S. COPD Coalition proudly hosted COPD7USA and the Second National COPD Conference, respectively. COPD7USA was a multi-disciplinary CME conference for healthcare professionals while the Second National COPD Conference developed to bring together, patients, healthcare professionals, government agencies, and advocacy organizations in order to review progress made in diagnosis, management, education ,research and public policy and identify gaps that still remain in each area. Thanks to the world class faculty and engaged participants both conferences were a great success. The pairing of these two conferences ensured all members of the entire COPD community were represented and were able to share experiences and expertise.

The COPD Foundation and the U.S. COPD Coalition are pleased to present select speaker presentations in audio and/or .pdf format. Thank you to the all volunteer faculty who traveled to Washington from across the United States and throughout the World and who have allowed us to make their presentations available free of charge in order to ensure the COPD Community at large is able to benefit from the conference proceedings.

What Type of Information is Available?

  • Audio recordings of select conference sessions
  • PDF files of select presentations
  • E-program book
  • E-abstract book

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COPD Community at Large
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