Second National COPD Conference Agenda

Day One | December 2, 2011


Registration and Exhibits


2003: How Far Have We Come in the Science?

Overview of Key Recommendations from 2003 (Sonia Buist, MD-Oregon Health Sciences University) • Progress in Patient Outcomes (David Mannino, MD-University of Kentucky) • Progress in Basic Science (Steven Shapiro, MD-University of Pittsburgh) • Progress and Developments in Therapeutic Options (TBA)


Refreshment Break/Exhibits


2003: How Far Have We Come in Awareness and Education

Overview of Progress in Awareness and Education from the Patient's Perspective (John Walsh-COPD Foundation) • Achievements of the Learn More Breathe Better Campaign (James Kiley, PhD) • Achievements of the DRIVE4COPD Campaign (TBA) • Achievements of State COPD Coalitions (TBA)




Roundtable Discussions-Screening For COPD

Population Screeners (David Mannino, MD) • Spirometry in the Practitioner's Office(Paul Enright, MD-University of Arizona) • Peak Flow Meters (Byron Thomashow, MD- Columbia University) • CT Scanning (James Crapo, MD- National Jewish Health)


Roundtable Discussions-Therapy in COPD

Maintenance Therapy in COPD (Gerry Criner, MD-Temple University) • Exacerbations (Fernando Martinez, MD-University of Michigan, Ravi Kalhan, MD-Northwestern) • Issues in Pulmonary Rehab and Oxygen Therapy (Richard Casaburi, MD-University of California LA) • Non-invasive Ventilation (Frank Sciurba, MD-University of Pittsburgh)


Track 1: Roundtable Discussions-Challenges in 2012

Smoking Cessation(Stephen Rennard, MD-University of Nebraska) • Testing for Alpha-1 (Sandhaus, MD, PhD-National Jewish Health) • Dealing with Co-Morbid Illness (R. Graham Barr, MD-Columbia University)

Track 2: Interactive Workshop-Spirometry Testing and Education Programs

Spirometry Testing and Education Programs, When, Where and How (Paul Enright, MD, Steve Nelson, RRT, Sam Giordano, RRT, MBA)


Track 1:Roundtable Discussions-Challenges in 2012 Continued

Patient Education (John Walsh, Sam Giordano, AARC) • Role of Better Breather Clubs, Internet Resources, Health Management Programs • Healthcare Provider Education (Barbara Yawn, MD-University of Minnesota & Barry Make, MD-National Jewish Health) • Med Schools, Residency Training Programs, Allied Health Training, Role of the Internet

Track 2: Interactive Workshop-Pulmonary Rehabilitation Challenges

Pulmonary Rehab Challenges for Full Programs and Home-Based Rehab (Brian Carlin, MD-West Penn Allegheny Health System)


The Future of Patient Care

(Byron Thomashow, MD, Scott Conard, MD-ACAP Health, Barbara Yawn, MD, Robert Sandhaus, MD, Jill Ohar, MD-Wake Forest University )

Adherence from Clinician Perspective • Medical Homes • Coordinated Care • Hospital Discharge • Telehealth • The Team Approach


Dr. Thomas L. Petty Memorial Reception and Poster Presentations

Day Two | December 3, 2011


Joint Session with COPD7USA: The Global Burden of COPD

A Clinician's Perspective (Byron Thomashow, MD) • A Patient's Perspective (John Walsh) • A View from the Hill (TBD) • CMS' Perspective (Marilyn Tavenner-invited) • NHLBI's Perspective (James Kiley, PhD-invited) • The Payer's Perspective (Johns Hopkins Healthcare-invited) • A Perspective from Pharma (TBD) • An Introduction to COPD Conferences Series (Robert Stockley, MD)


Refreshment Break/Exhibits


Interactive Workshops-State COPD Coalitions

Starting A COPD Coalition and Writing an Action Plan

Sustaining a COPD Coalition/Implementing an Action Plan




Interactive Workshop: Acting Local-Putting the 2011 BRFSS Data to Work


Interactive Workshop: Tools for COPD Advocacy in Your Communities