COPD7USA Conference Agenda

Day 1 | Saturday, December 3, 2011


Joint Session with COPD7USA: The Global Burden of COPD

• A Clinician's Perspective (Byron Thomashow, MD-Columbia University) · A Patient's Perspective (John Walsh-COPD Foundation) • A View from the Hill (TBD) • CMS' Perspective (Marilyn Tavenner-invited) · NHLBI's Perspective (James Kiley, PhD-invited) · The Payer's Perspective (Johns Hopkins Healthcare-invited) · A Perspective from Pharma (TBD) • An Introduction to COPD Conferences Series (Robert Stockley, MD)


Refreshment Break/Exhibits Open


Plenary Session: Thinking Differently about COPD

(Bartolome Celli, MD-Harvard University & Leonardo Fabbri, MD-University of Moderna)

Different Types of Patients, Different Approaches · COPD treatments: Building Blocks for a Different Future · The Holy Grail: How Far Forward are We? ·The Future is a Different Place




Clinical Track-Treatment Challenges

(Fernando Martinez, MD-University of Michigan, Adam Wanner, MD-University of Miami, & Robert Wise, MD-Johns Hopkins University)

Early Intervention in Mild Disease · What's New with GOLD · What is Appropriate Maintenance Therapy? • The Importance of Exacerbations • What is Appropriate Prevention and Therapy for Exacerbations? • Frequent Exacerbators • Therapy for Alpha-1

Care Delivery Track-The Roles of the Healthcare Provider Team in Treating COPD

(Barbara Yawn, MD-University of Minnesota, Jane Martin, RRT-COPD Foundation, )

The Role of the Primary Care Physician • The Role of the Pulmonologist • The Role of the Nurse • The Role of the Respiratory Therapist • The Role of Homecare

Research Track-The Future of Medical Therapies

(Stephen Rennard, MD-University of Nebraska, James Crapo, MD-National Jewish Health, Don Tashkin, MD-University of California Los Angeles)

Biomarkers in Predicting Response · Role of CT Scanning in Phenotyping · What Therapies Coming Down the Line and What are They Aiming At? · Combinations · New Agents-Antiinflamatories and Antioxidants


Refreshment Break/Abstracts/Exhibits


Plenary Session: Managing COPD

(Barry Make, MD-National Jewish Health)

What are the Challenges: Unmet Need · What are the Challenges: Limited Resources and Treating the Whole Patient · From Efficacy to Effectiveness: Do we Know What Works in the Typical Patient with COPD? · Self Management: Achieving Balanced Care · Education: What is Given, What is Expected, What is Needed


Clinical Track-Detecting Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease

(David Mannino, MD-University of Kentucky)

CDC Report on the Burden of CLRD · Role of Population Screeners · Role of Electronic Peak Flow as a Case Finder · Role of Screening Spirometry · Testing for Alpha-1 • COPD vs Asthma and COPD vs Asthma · COPD and Bronchiectasis • Health Questionnaires and Patient Reported Outcome Measures: Are we Asking the Right Questions

Care Delivery Track-Planing and Executing Successful Transitions in Care

(Byron Thomashow, MD, Richard Casaburi, MD-University of California Los Angeles, Jill Ohar, MD-Wake Forest University, Scott Conard, MD-ACAP Health, Ravi Kalhan, MD-Northwestern University, TBD University of Pennsylvania Care Transitions Center)

• Hospital Discharge Planning • Role of Hospitalization as a Teaching Moment • The State of Pulmonary Rehabilitation • Pulmonary Rehabilitation Coverage Challenges

Research Track-Genes, Inflammatory markers and Autoimmunity

(Gerard Turino, MD-St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital, Edwin Silverman, MD-Harvard University, Steven Shapiro, MD-University of Pittsburgh, Tracy Adair-Kirk, PhD-Washington University in St. Louis)

Inflammatory Markers · Genetic Disease/Predispositions · The Alpha-1 Story · Phenotypes · Future Roles for Alpha-1 Replacement Therapy·Matrix Peptides


Meet the Professor Roundtable Sessions


Plenary Session: Advanced Disease

(Gerry Criner, MD-Temple University, Helen Sorenson, RRT-University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, Richard Casaburi, MD)

Introduction to Current Issues and Achieving a Holistic Approach · Palliative Care and Dysnea Management in End Stage COPD · Controversies in Oxygen Therapy · Management of COPD Cachexia


Abstracts/Refreshments Break/Exhibits


Clinical Track-Comorbidities

(Nick Hanania, MD-Baylor University, R. Graham Barr, MD-Columbia University, Leo Fabbri, MD)

Overview of Comorbidities and COPD Foundation Survey · Polypharmacy: The Challenge of Treating Comorbidities · COPD & Osteoporosis · COPD & Depression · COPD & Heart Disease · COPD & Lung Cancer · COPD and Sleep Disorders · COPD: A Systemic Disease·COPD and Osteoporosis

Care Delivery Track-Comparative Effectiveness Research and its Potential Impact on Patient Care

(Richard Mularski, MD-invited)

• PCORI • CONCERT • The Outlook for CER • How will CER Impact Clinical Care • How will CER Impact Payment Policy

Research Track-Lung Health

(Sonia Buist, MD-Oregon Health Sciences University)

Lung Function: Growth and Decline · Risk Factors: What are New Data Telling us for Lung Health? · How do we Measure and Monitor Lung Health ?




Clinical Track-Invasive Therapeutic Options

(Frank Sciurba, MD-University of Pittsburgh, Gerry Criner, MD)

LVRS · Bronchoscopic LVRS · Lung Transplantation • MiniECMO • The Role of Noninvasive Ventilation

Care Delivery Track-Addressing the Rising Cost of COPD

(Robert Sandhaus, MD, PhD-National Jewish Health, Howard Garber, MD-invited-Johns Hopkins Healthcare, Insurer TBD, CMS-invited)

•Chronic Care Management Programs • Medical Home Initiatives

Research Track-Lessons from Large Trials

(Robert Wise, MD, Don Tashkin, MD)

• Disecting TORCH, UPLIFT, ECLIPSE, MESA COPD • The Placebo Effect in Trials • Ongoing Statin trial • COPDGene • Spiromics


Abstracts/Refreshments Break/Exhibits


Closing Session: COPD:Facing the Future John Walsh, Bart Celli and either Sue Hill or Rob Stockley

(Bartolome Celli, MD, John Walsh, Susan Hill, MD-United Kingdom Ministry of Health)